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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking | 5 Features of a Good GPS

With the advancement of technology you can already track and locate anyone and anything through GPS Tracking. Amazing right? No one can escape you now; even tracking lost cars is no longer a problem these days. Thanks to modern technology! It is also through GPS that we no longer have to ask every person we come across just to ask directions.

GPS Tracking helps you have smooth car rides without worrying about reading maps, asking for directions, being late as you would get lost in the middle of nowhere. A GPS is not just a gadget for luxury or just something to have for pure pleasure but it is a gadget that will give helpful assistance. Here are some of the best features a GPS can give you.

GPS Tracking ‘s Functions of a Good GPS System

Turn-by-turn voice direction

  • Driving requires your both hands to be on the wheels that is why turn-by-turn voice direction will be helpful as these feature utilizes text-to-speech technology that slows your GPS device to supply voice instructions.

Integrated traffic receivers

  • Because of these features, you will receive automatic traffic alerts, which can be helpful in avoiding traffic jams by providing alternate routes.

Bluetooth hands-free calling

  • Avoid getting into accidents as you keep your hands and eyes focused on the road. The Bluetooth features allow communication with your Bluetooth enabled cellphone so that you can make and receive calls directly to your GPS by voice command.

Wide Area Augmentation System

  • This feature allows the GPS unit to calculate locations more accurately within 1-2 miles. WAAS provide correction, through satellites and ground stations giving you a better position accuracy.

Preloaded information

  • Another feature of a GPS unit is that it should have a database of useful maps and points of interest. A GPS will start working if it is preloaded when purchased. A GPS that is not preloaded would still need to download some essentials online.

Automatic rerouting

  • This feature gives your GPS the ability to provide alternate route information especially if the road you usually take is not as reliable in some days.

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Investigative Services

Investigative Services | Weapons Against Criminals

Criminals are everywhere and as much as possible we want to protect our lives from these vicious criminals. With the advancement of technology, we can already defend ourselves with self-defense weapons. If we cannot afford to be victimized and avail Investigative Services, then it is best to prevent it as soon as possible.

AOK Investigations, Inc. provides Investigative Services for every kind of criminal act. We provide experienced professional investigators to provide you with satisfaction from their work and a guaranteed successful investigation that will be able to help you with any case you are in. Aside from Investigative Services, we can also give you list of self-defense weapons for your safety against criminals.

Investigative Services Self-Defense Weapons Against Criminals

Stun guns

  • Stun guns are the most common kind of self-defense weapons; it is one of the most reliable. If you are looking for something to protect you but you do not want to carry a gun, then a stun gun would be perfect. It does not work like a gun but it will surely immobilize your target for a minimum of five seconds giving you enough time to run away.

Pepper spray

  • Pepper sprays are made famous because of its portability and it is easy to use plus it really is effective in driving your attacker away. It is extremely effective in causing severe irritation in the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Though its effect will not stop attackers, it can slow them thus giving you enough time to escape and run for your life.

Tactical pen

  • If you are looking for something to injure your attacker then a tactical pen is your best choice other than a knife. A tactical pen is perhaps the most clever self-defense weapon. It is useful in defending yourself from your attacker. It is less utility than a knife but it is a good choice if you’re not comfortable carrying a blade, plus it works as a real pen too.


  • If you want the most effective way to injure and attack your attacker then a knife is your best choice especially if you are comfortable with carrying one. When your attacker learns that you have a knife he will automatically be scared, as a knife can be more deadly than a gun.

AOK Investigations, Inc. offers investigative Services that would cover all you investigation needs. Visit us online today!

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hire private investigator

Hire Private Investigator | Spot a Criminal

We cannot deny the fact that life is an adventure and all of us are enjoying the roller coaster ride of it, although, sometimes life gives us horror too. The fun and enjoyment that it gives us also comes with problems that could haunt us. These haunting problems are mostly caused by terrible criminals. Good thing life also gave us ways how to avoid and fight them; one way of doing that is if you call policemen and Hire Private Investigator.

If you Hire Private Investigator, not only will they help you fight criminals but they will also help you avoid them by giving you tips on how to determine whether a person is plotting a crime against you.

Hire Private Investigator and Spot a Criminal

Criminals are high tempered

  • Their minds are almost always prone to temper. Most criminals justify their actions by saying “my temper consumed me, it was just an accident.” Outburst of anger and physical aggression is one of the most troubling behaviors of criminals; they have real rage from little provocation.

Criminals are socially isolated

  • It is not all the time that anyone who is socially isolated is a criminal, although it is a trait that deserves attention. Social withdrawal, isolation and depression are traits that should be noted in children, especially if it exists in combination with other risk factors.

Criminals have history of being bullied

  • A person who has been bullied has a tendency to get even with his bullies or with anyone he can divert his anger and frustration to. For a person who has been bullied as a child, he being victimized can be a risk factor for future violent behavior.

Criminals are fascinated with the macabre

  • Potential criminals are usually fascinated with weapons and or the macabre. While other just really like them, some people take this interest to another level. If they cannot control their fascination, they will tend to practice it to get full satisfaction.

Criminals are violent toward people and animals

  • A potential criminal lost passion for people and animals. It became so easy for them to treat people and animals wrongly. If they show aggression towards people and animals, you need to keep distance with this person, as he/she will have the tendency to do wrong to you.

If you are worried about criminals and potential criminals you can always Hire Private Investigators from AOK Investigations, Inc. Visit us online today!

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private investigation company

Private Investigation Company | How to Solve a Murder

Almost all of us dreamt of being an investigator when we were kids. We create staged role-plays about deaths and we love playing detectives, policemen and lawyers. But only some of us really pursue that dream, if you think about it, being an investigator really is fun and exciting. If you want to be an investigator or if you’re planning to hire one, you can always find them in a Private Investigator Company.

Private Investigations Company makes your dreams come true if you still want to be an investigator or if you want to watch an investigator in action you can always call one from them. But if you want to have a glimpse of how to solve a murder here are 5 steps to solving a murder.

Five Steps to Solving a Murder According To a Private Investigator Company

Keep a murder book for documentation

  • Everything you see, every clue you find, every given information, document it. A good investigator keeps a record of everything so that he/she will have something to support his claim once the investigations proceeds. Every detail is important in the murder scene even the small piece of something can be the answer to solving the murder.

Nail down the timeline

  • One of the most essential parts of every homicide investigation is the timeline. You have to get it right in order to open as well as close avenues of investigations. You have to look at the every detail, especially the last hours, days and weeks of the victim leading to his/her death.

Follow every lead

  • Following every lead, no matter how contrived they seem, is crucial. Every detail is again, important. From witness statements to tips called in public. Follow every lead because it will point you to the suspect or the cause of the crime.

Treat everything as evidence

  • Everything at the crime scene should be treated as evidence, even the smallest piece of something is evidence, the position of the body is even evidence. Never neglect any object in the crime scene because anything can be the key to solving the crime.

If you do not want to play investigator and you just want to get the job done, contact a private investigation company. Visit us online today!

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hire a private investigator

Hire a Private Investigator | Types of Investigators

Are you planning to be an investigator or Hire a Private Investigator? Either you want to be or hire one; you should know that there are many kinds of investigators. One of the biggest misconceptions of people is that they think that all private investigators are the same. Well, if you are one of those people, may this article enlighten you that no, not all private investigators are the same. Each of them are like doctors with specialization.

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Private Investigator Services

Private Investigator Services | What to Ask Your Investigator

Most people think that all private investigators are the same; they offer and do the same but what they do not know is that private investigators specialize in very different things, they offer variety of Private Investigator Services to cope with you investigating needs.

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Private detectives and investigators

Private Detectives and Investigators | Reasons Why Investigators Call

We cannot deny the fact that people get uncomfortable when Private Detectives and Investigators call them. When a private detective and investigator calls people tend to get a certain amount of anxiety because they would immediately think that they’re in trouble or someone is doing an investigation about them. This is very stressful if you have something to hide.

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private investigation services

Private Investigation Services | AOK Investigations, Inc. Services

We encounter different problems everyday, whether big or small we do need to get some help for us to be able to successfully win over those problems. If we need help in legal actions, we need to consult a lawyer and a private investigator to help us in getting important documents and information. When do we need Private Investigation Services?

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Private detective agency

Private Detective Agency | Who Benefits From Private Detectives

A Private Detective Agency provides professionals private detectives who are trained to perform the best service for concerned clients. A lot of people know what a private detective does, they know their job description but not many are informed about who can benefit from hiring a private detective.

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Private Investigator cost

Private Investigator Cost | Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Is your partner cheating? Should you hire a private investigator? To answer these questions people might answer, “yes” the first question and “no” to the latter. Why? Because most people believe that it is costly to hire private investigator when you can investigate on your own. Well, a Private Investigator Cost is not really expensive. In fact, companies such as AOK Investigations, Inc. offers an affordable private investigator cost.

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