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Detective Services

Your car is the solidified symbol of your hardships and the last thing you want is for it to be stolen. Yes, its no surprise that there are heartless people who have the guts to steal other people’s treasured possession. If you are a victim of car theft, you can always avail Detective Services from AOK Investigations, Inc.

AOK Investigations, Inc. offers the best Detective Services to cater to any of your problems that can be solved through careful investigations. We guarantee to give the highest quality of services through our professional detectives that are beyond capable of helping you track and find your stolen car. In the mean time, let us first give you effective ways on what to do when your car is stolen.


Detective Services Effective Ways to Do When Your Car is Stolen

Call the police

  • If your car was stolen, the first thing you need to do is to report it to the authorities, in this way, they can help you in what ever ways they know how in trying to get your car back. A report will also inform the public that your car has been stolen and whoever drives it besides you might be the one to have committed the crime.

Call every cab company

  • When you want your car to be found, get as many help as you as you can. Calling every cab company will be a great help in locating your stolen car. Taxi drivers roam around almost everywhere and your car can be anywhere, it would increase chances of finding your car, it would also be helpful if you provide rewards.

Inform anyone you know

  • Inform everyone you know that your car got stolen, show them the picture and the plate number, post it online as well so that people on the Internet can also help you in locating your stolen car.

Check for cars being sold online

  • If a car is stolen, chances are the thief will sell it so checking every car shops online is also a helpful way in tracking your lost car. Sometimes, they will also chop your car into pieces and sold them separately so check for familiar car parts as well.

Call a detective

  • When all else fail, call a detective and avail Detective Services for a professional assistance. They have the right equipment to help you locate your car and successfully return it to you as well as getting the person responsible for the crime.

Car theft victims should never remain as victims, for a professional assistance, avail Detective Services. Call AOK Investigations, Inc. now or visit us online today!

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