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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking | 5 Features of a Good GPS

With the advancement of technology you can already track and locate anyone and anything through GPS Tracking. Amazing right? No one can escape you now; even tracking lost cars is no longer a problem these days. Thanks to modern technology! It is also through GPS that we no longer have to ask every person we come across just to ask directions.

GPS Tracking helps you have smooth car rides without worrying about reading maps, asking for directions, being late as you would get lost in the middle of nowhere. A GPS is not just a gadget for luxury or just something to have for pure pleasure but it is a gadget that will give helpful assistance. Here are some of the best features a GPS can give you.

GPS Tracking ‘s Functions of a Good GPS System

Turn-by-turn voice direction

  • Driving requires your both hands to be on the wheels that is why turn-by-turn voice direction will be helpful as these feature utilizes text-to-speech technology that slows your GPS device to supply voice instructions.

Integrated traffic receivers

  • Because of these features, you will receive automatic traffic alerts, which can be helpful in avoiding traffic jams by providing alternate routes.

Bluetooth hands-free calling

  • Avoid getting into accidents as you keep your hands and eyes focused on the road. The Bluetooth features allow communication with your Bluetooth enabled cellphone so that you can make and receive calls directly to your GPS by voice command.

Wide Area Augmentation System

  • This feature allows the GPS unit to calculate locations more accurately within 1-2 miles. WAAS provide correction, through satellites and ground stations giving you a better position accuracy.

Preloaded information

  • Another feature of a GPS unit is that it should have a database of useful maps and points of interest. A GPS will start working if it is preloaded when purchased. A GPS that is not preloaded would still need to download some essentials online.

Automatic rerouting

  • This feature gives your GPS the ability to provide alternate route information especially if the road you usually take is not as reliable in some days.

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