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Hire a Private Investigator | Types of Investigators

Are you planning to be an investigator or Hire a Private Investigator? Either you want to be or hire one; you should know that there are many kinds of investigators. One of the biggest misconceptions of people is that they think that all private investigators are the same. Well, if you are one of those people, may this article enlighten you that no, not all private investigators are the same. Each of them are like doctors with specialization.

Before you Hire a Private Investigator, you should know first what kind of case you want your investigator to investigate. In this case you will also be guided about which type of investigator you should hire. To be properly guided AOK Investigations, Inc. will help you identify each kind of investigators.

Know them First Before You Hire a Private Investigator

Homicide Private Investigators

  • These are the kind of private investigators you call when you need to investigate a case about death. They are called when there are cases that people have died or been hurt in the process. These investigators look at the clues left by the suspect and study them to be able to help locate the suspect as soon as possible.

Cyber Crime Investigators

  • Due to the advancement of technology, crimes can be committed anywhere already. Cyber crime Investigators investigate crimes committed online or any computer-based crimes. The investigator will look for information through monitoring chat rooms, recent web searches, and the victim’s social media account to identify the root of the cyber crime.

Missing Person Investigators

  • These investigators specialize in finding people who have been missing, especially missing persons who have been missing for a long time already. Investigators will look for clues and information about when was the last time the person was seen and they will connect that information in trying to locate the missing person.

Cold Case Investigators

  • Cold case investigators investigate about crimes, which remained unsolved for years and have no active leads. These investigators are hired to uncover facts about the crime to help the authorities solve it for the benefit of the families involved.

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