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Investigative Services | Weapons Against Criminals

Criminals are everywhere and as much as possible we want to protect our lives from these vicious criminals. With the advancement of technology, we can already defend ourselves with self-defense weapons. If we cannot afford to be victimized and avail Investigative Services, then it is best to prevent it as soon as possible.

AOK Investigations, Inc. provides Investigative Services for every kind of criminal act. We provide experienced professional investigators to provide you with satisfaction from their work and a guaranteed successful investigation that will be able to help you with any case you are in. Aside from Investigative Services, we can also give you list of self-defense weapons for your safety against criminals.

Investigative Services Self-Defense Weapons Against Criminals

Stun guns

  • Stun guns are the most common kind of self-defense weapons; it is one of the most reliable. If you are looking for something to protect you but you do not want to carry a gun, then a stun gun would be perfect. It does not work like a gun but it will surely immobilize your target for a minimum of five seconds giving you enough time to run away.

Pepper spray

  • Pepper sprays are made famous because of its portability and it is easy to use plus it really is effective in driving your attacker away. It is extremely effective in causing severe irritation in the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Though its effect will not stop attackers, it can slow them thus giving you enough time to escape and run for your life.

Tactical pen

  • If you are looking for something to injure your attacker then a tactical pen is your best choice other than a knife. A tactical pen is perhaps the most clever self-defense weapon. It is useful in defending yourself from your attacker. It is less utility than a knife but it is a good choice if you’re not comfortable carrying a blade, plus it works as a real pen too.


  • If you want the most effective way to injure and attack your attacker then a knife is your best choice especially if you are comfortable with carrying one. When your attacker learns that you have a knife he will automatically be scared, as a knife can be more deadly than a gun.

AOK Investigations, Inc. offers investigative Services that would cover all you investigation needs. Visit us online today!

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