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Investigators Jacksonville | Types of Private Investigators

Need Private investigators Jacksonville ? First, you should know that there are different types of private investigators and each of these types of investigators have their own specific field of specialization. So when you are choosing private investigators, you should first seek the right type of investigator for your problem.

AOK Investigations is a group of highly qualified investigators with over 25 years of investigative experience. If you are in need of our service whether to find the facts and analyze information or needs someone to be tracked with detailed reports, our investigators Jacksonville will be able to assist you in finding the truth to solve your problem.

The need for Private Investigators Jacksonville rises when matters get out of hand. If there are situations that you cannot handle, hiring a private investigator might be able to do the job for you. Whether you need to obtain an important information, conduct a background check, track someone’s activities, check the legitimacy of a certain investment, help research a crime or recover stolen property, investigators will be a big help.

Here are the Different Types of Investigators Jacksonville

Computer Forensics Investigator

  • This type of investigators specialize in recovering, analyzing and presenting information from computers to be used as evidence. Others focus on recovering deleted files and documents. Recovering data and information can be a big evidence to help in solving a case. If you want something to be analyzed, decoded or recovered, the Computer Forensics Investigators are the right people for the job.

Legal Investigators

  • Legal investigators help prepare criminal defenses, verify the facts in civil lawsuits, locate witnesses and serve illegal documents. These investigators often work for lawyers and law firms.

Corporate Investigators

  • Corporate investigators conduct internal and external investigations for corporations. On internal investigation, they may investigate the use of drugs in the workplace or ensure that expense accounts are not abused. For external investigations, they may try to identify and stop criminal schemes such as fraudulent billings.

Financial Investigator

  • This type of investigators maybe hired to collect financial information on certain individual or company who are attempting to make a large financial transaction. Financial Investigators are often certifies public accountants who work closely with investment bankers and other accountant related jobs. Financial Investigators might also search for assets to recover damages awarded by a court in theft cases.

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