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Private Eye | Is He Lying?

No one wants to be lied to but life is unfair for giving us heartless liars. In love, we all want to have a successful relationship that is built upon unconditional love and trust, but it is really in someone’s nature to be an unfaithful bastard. When life starts to screw us with lying bastards, all we can do to prove their infidelity is to have a Private Eye to help us validate our suspicious claims.

A Private Eye comes from a professional private investigator. They have the eyes of an eagle in investigating someone. If you’re starting to doubt your partner, there’s a great possibility that your inkling is true. To confirm that, you can always hire a private eye from AOK Investigation, Inc. or if you want to take matters by yourself first, you can have a look at these signs to confirm whether he is lying or not.

Private Eye ‘s 5 Signs That He’s Lying

He always makes lame excuses

  • He is always late and uses lame excuses to explain himself. IF he constantly does this to you, girl he is lying. Excuses are almost always used to cover something. If you’re a wise girl, study these excuses and might as well hire someone to know the truth and save yourself from a massive hearth break.

He cannot answer directly to your questions

  • If he cannot answer right away, he’s probably formulating a lame excuse in his head. It is easy to answer a question if you’re clean. The truth needs no prep time.

He is not acting like himself

  • If there is a sudden change of character, there’s a high chance that there’s also a sudden change of heart. There are only two reasons for a guy to act strangely, either he’s hiding something bad from you or he’s hiding a surprise. A liar is usually uncomfortable and worried about being caught.

He avoids topics and serious talks

  • With his fear of being caught, he is most likely to avoid serious talks with you. As much as possible he would make some senseless arguments, he will make it sound like it’s your fault and you’re the one with a problem and not him. He will refuse to talk about it and avoid you by walking out.

He cannot look you in the eye

  • If a guy is lying, the famous “look me in the eye” is surely a great way to tell whether he is lying or not. If he can look directly into your eyes to assure you that you don’t need to worry or doubt, keep him, he’s telling the truth. A real man will never lie to a woman. If he’s too scared to tell the truth, leave him, he’s not manly enough.

If you need a Private Eye to investigate on your husband or boyfriend, you can always rely on AOK Investigations. Visit us online today!

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