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Private Investigation Company | How to Solve a Murder

Almost all of us dreamt of being an investigator when we were kids. We create staged role-plays about deaths and we love playing detectives, policemen and lawyers. But only some of us really pursue that dream, if you think about it, being an investigator really is fun and exciting. If you want to be an investigator or if you’re planning to hire one, you can always find them in a Private Investigator Company.

Private Investigations Company makes your dreams come true if you still want to be an investigator or if you want to watch an investigator in action you can always call one from them. But if you want to have a glimpse of how to solve a murder here are 5 steps to solving a murder.

Five Steps to Solving a Murder According To a Private Investigator Company

Keep a murder book for documentation

  • Everything you see, every clue you find, every given information, document it. A good investigator keeps a record of everything so that he/she will have something to support his claim once the investigations proceeds. Every detail is important in the murder scene even the small piece of something can be the answer to solving the murder.

Nail down the timeline

  • One of the most essential parts of every homicide investigation is the timeline. You have to get it right in order to open as well as close avenues of investigations. You have to look at the every detail, especially the last hours, days and weeks of the victim leading to his/her death.

Follow every lead

  • Following every lead, no matter how contrived they seem, is crucial. Every detail is again, important. From witness statements to tips called in public. Follow every lead because it will point you to the suspect or the cause of the crime.

Treat everything as evidence

  • Everything at the crime scene should be treated as evidence, even the smallest piece of something is evidence, the position of the body is even evidence. Never neglect any object in the crime scene because anything can be the key to solving the crime.

If you do not want to play investigator and you just want to get the job done, contact a private investigation company. Visit us online today!

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