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We encounter different problems everyday, whether big or small we do need to get some help for us to be able to successfully win over those problems. If we need help in legal actions, we need to consult a lawyer and a private investigator to help us in getting important documents and information. When do we need Private Investigation Services?

Private Investigation Services will come in handy every time we need to hire a private investigator. We know that a private investigator investigates for a living but to know their services will help us in getting the right help from them. AOK Investigations, Inc. offers professional private investigators that can get the job done with no delays. To know more of our services, you can read the list below.

Private Investigations Services from AOK Investigations, Inc.

Child Custody Investigations

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. specializes in child custody investigations. Many parents, grandparents and other concerned family members have found that the evidence our private investigators have obtained during our child custody investigations have helped them modify child custody or finally get full custody of their children based on the results of our investigations. AOK Investigations, Inc. can work in conjunction with your family law attorney or independently to gather the evidence you need.

Alimony Reduction Investigations

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. has experience and specializes in alimony reduction investigations. The facts provided can assist attorneys and clients when requesting a reduction in alimony due to a change in life’s circumstances. Typically, the divorce decree stipulates that spousal support or alimony payments will either cease or be reduced if the party receiving these payments decides to marry again or live in the same home with a romantic partner. More often than not, the party receiving the alimony payment fails to notify the other party of the changed circumstances and continues to fraudulently receive these payments. That’s where we can help.

Surveillance and GPS Tracking

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. has experienced and specializes in surveillance and GPS tracking, location searches, skip tracing, and bug sweeps.

Background Investigations

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. specializes in background investigations. Whether it’s for pre-employment screening, part of due diligence, for litigation, caregivers for your children, before a relationship gets serious, or when things go wrong. Many times background checks provide the total picture and that information will help your attorney, family member or the police protect you.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. uses covert video surveillance of a claimant’s daily activities. We also use tactics to uncover fraud, such as researching claimants’ backgrounds through examining criminal records, interviewing claimants and any witnesses, and inspecting pertinent sites. Our background in law enforcement and private investigation puts us above the rest.

Executive Protection Services

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. provides professional Executive Protection services. Armed or unarmed we can provide transportation services safely and efficiently.

Asset Search/Recovery

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. has experienced and specializes in surveillance and GPS tracking, location searches, skip tracing, and bug sweeps.

Public Records Search

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. specializes in public records investigations. Including Tax records, Real estate transactions, Records of births and deaths, Court records, Voter registrations, Business licenses, Vital statistics records, and DMV records.

Employment Verification

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. can verify employment of an individual. Employment verification is frequently requested for mortgages, apartment or home rentals, adoption, issuance of a work visa or for obtaining insurance. Having verification helps companies to lower their liability and exposure in case of any problems or nonpayment.

Process Service

  • AOK Investigations, Inc. provides process services for all types of cases. Our process servers will find the person and hand deliver court documents to them so that they are fully informed. Depending on the court case one is involved in, our process servers may deliver subpoenas, summons, complaints, order to show cause, or writs.

If you need private investigation services, AOK Investigations, Inc. is more than helpful in proving professional private investigators, visit us online today!

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