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Public Records Search | How to Acquire Child Support

Nowadays, you can be parents even if you are not married. Of course if you’re not married, you can easily get out of the relationship anytime you want. Especially if you got tired of the responsibility the child is requiring from you. That is the danger of having a child outside marriage. If this happens where one of you just walks away and you have no idea where they went, you can always have a Public Records Search, if you want to request for a child support.

Public records are records of your personal life that is available to the public; this can be used in genealogy and historical research, public precedents and more. But if you are seeking for child support the most helpful use of public records would be for you to conduct a public records search for legal settlements and litigations. If all these are new to you, you can always ask AOK Investigations, Inc. to help you with public records search. In acquiring child support you need to follow these simple steps.

Public Records Search ‘s Steps in Child Support Process

Open a case

  • Opening a case will be your first step in the process. First you have to go online and apply. Depending on your financial situation, and depending on the county, you may already have been enrolled in a program to collect benefits. If you are married and currently under the process of divorce, the case will be part of the procedure.

Find the parent

  • Finding the parent in question may or may not be an issue. To successfully receive a child support payment, you must be able to locate the parent in question whether he/she is in another state as long as you can locate the verified address, you can begin the process.

Establish paternity or maternity

  • The process of child support comes with the establishment of paternity. Establishing the paternity can be one of the more conflict process, but it would come down to having legal recourse to collecting child support. Whether you will be the payer or the payee, before proceeding, make sure that the child is really related to the mother or father.

Establish a court order

  • File a court order and file it as early as possible so that child support payments can begin.

Enforce the court order

  • If the court order has been filed, it is your responsibility now to make sure that you collect your child support payment.

Public Records Search is really helpful during times like this. If you need assistance, just contact the professionals from AOK Investigations, Inc. visit us online today!

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