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Video Surveillance | Monitor Your Office

If you’re a business owner, then your business probably is your life. Your income, your job, your passion revolves around your business. It is almost impossible to run a business on your own; you need employees to help you with your business. Since your business is as important as you life, it is just right that you protect it also with the highest form of security and one way to do that is to install Video Surveillance.

AOK Investigations, Inc.’s Video Surveillance allows you to monitor your office 24/7. It will document every move of your employee as well as the people who enter and exit your office. With the installation of Video Surveillance, people will know that they are being monitored and by that the possibilities of theft will be lessen. For a surveillance to be successful, cameras should be placed at the right places. Here’s where to install cameras best.

Video Surveillance ‘s Best Locations for Security Cameras

Entrances and Exits

  • This is one of the best places to install your camera because through the entrances and exits, you can monitor who enters and leaves your office. You will have a documented copy of their presence and faces. Having a security camera by your entrance and exit will also serve as a warning to any individual planning to do something bad.

Transaction Points

  • These transaction points include cash registers, teller stations, kiosks as well as cash drawers, safes, and the room where you place all important documents. These places need to be monitored as much as possible because these areas are the favorite places of thieves.

Work places

  • Keep an eye to your employees work habits by placing a surveillance camera in the work area. Have their activities and behaviors during work days be monitored through these cameras so even when your away, you are ensured that they are working.

Supply storage room/s

  • Some employees take advantage of the supplies in the office, some takes more than what they need and take it home. Monitor your supplies through surveillance cameras so that you will not have a guessing game as to where your supplies are going.

Secluded areas

  • Secluded areas such as parking lots, back alleys and dumpers are often given no attention when it comes to security but don’t you know that these areas are the thieves’ favorite escape and hiding areas? To fully secure your office building, install cameras here as well.

If you want to have Video Surveillance, you can avail AOK Investigations, Inc. services for a properly installed surveillance cameras. Visit us online today!

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